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Ways to Consume Cannabis

There are different ways to inhale cannabis and different ways to ingest it. And different ways to learn about those different ways. We recommend the video way. Hey look, here’s one right here.

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History of Cannabis: Part Two

Learn more about the history of Cannabis, from its medicinal use in the 19th century to its eventual criminalization in the early 20th.

By Tweed

Behind the Scenes

Getting To Know Gabriela Ayee

Gabriela’s passion for educating others about cannabis is infectious...but like, the good kind of infectious. Plus, she’s a bad-ass woman we’re proud to have on the team.

By Tweed

Behind the Scenes

Getting To Know Hilary Black

With her experience, knowledge, and passion for cannabis, Hilary brings a strong voice to patients and cannabis consumers all over the world, fighting to make sure stigma is torn down around the globe.

By Tweed

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