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Terpenes: What Are They?

Terpenes: What Are They?

The world is filled with mystery. Think about it; whether you’ve been dreaming about outer space or simply trying to remember where you left your favourite tee, there are many topics out there that most of us simply don’t know enough about. Well, thanks to this page, we can now scratch “terpenes” off the list.


Found in hops, bay leaves, and lemongrass and emits an herbal, rooty, and spicy scent.


Found in parsley, myrtle, Mediterranean cypress and mangoes. Its aroma has been described as spicy, with musty, nutty and coffee-like notes.


Has been found in sandalwood and has an odour described as woody.


Found in a variety of herbs and spices, hence the spicy flavour. Though the scent is minor, it’s compared to that of black pepper.


Found in allspice and many essential oils such as citrus and juniper. Its aroma is sweet and piney.


Limonene is found in things like citrus peels, fresh pine tips, and fennel. 


Found in nutmeg, fir bark, Scots pine and mandarin orange leaves. Its aroma has been described as minty and peppery with hints of citrus.


Found in many essential oils, such as cumin and thyme. It has a slight citrus smell but also imparts a gasoline-like odour


Have been found in beer and chamomile root. The aroma of this group of terpenes is shrouded in mystery. Or maybe they don’t even have one.


Found in German chamomile. Emits a mild and sweet floral aroma.


Found in a variety of sources such as cajuput oil, pine oil, and petitgrain oil. Its aroma is similar to lilac.


Found in hops and celery seed oil. The aroma of this group of terpenes is shrouded in mystery. Or maybe they don’t even have one.


Found in the oil of Guaiacum wood and Salvia. It emits a mild woody and floral aroma, similar to roses or (sometimes) violets.


Found in allspice, lime peel oil, ginger and many other plants including bitter fennel, rosemary and sage. The aroma is pine-like.


Found in pine needles and emits a pine, sage, or rosemary scent.

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