Innovation: All the cool new stuff we’re working on…but really shouldn’t be telling you about.

The reason we get out of bed in the morning is to push the boundaries of cannabis and its potential. Well, that and we usually have to use the bathroom. ANYWAY, we’re constantly exploring new and innovative ways to make our products simple, safe, and just plain better. Why? Because our work is about providing you with options as you explore the wonderful world of cannabis.

From new products and formats, to intuitive, functional packaging, to proprietary (fancy-speak for “It’s ours, it’s all ours”) gadgets, we’re 100%, full-on, no joke committed to making cannabis work for you. We wear lab coats and goggles, for crying out loud.

In our secret lab, we stay busy turning ideas into reality. 

For instance, we were the first to market with softgels — precisely dosed cannabis oil capsules that take the guesswork out of ingestibles, available across a variety of strains and potencies. Then we went ahead and invented a machine that manufactures our pre-rolled joints, spitting out 45,000 of the consistently beautiful things every single day.

Bottom line is that we’re devoted to benefitting all recreational cannabis consumers by always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Safety first...and last

Our commitment to quality assurance is intense. 

There’s the official process we adhere to, where each lot of cannabis we release undergoes 10 different quality control tests scrutinizing 125 different aspects of the product. We then go through a three-level review protocol by our lab team, our Quality Control Team, and a final approval sign-off, ultimately ensuring you get a safe, quality product every time.

Then there’s the informal process. 

Every single person, grower or not, wants to produce the best, most outstanding product. Maybe the word is pride or maybe it’s principle, but whatever it is, at Tweed it’s not just someone’s job to take care of quality, it’s everyone’s raison d’être. 

Same bud time, same bud channel

Our facilities deliver the consistency that makes plants thrive. From Smiths Falls to Langley, Niagara-on-the-Lake to Fredericton, and everywhere else we grow, we control temperature, humidity, plant nutrition, and, of course, light.

But we don’t apply the same temperatures and light levels to each facility — that would be plain ridiculous — because we don’t grow the same varieties of cannabis in each place. Just like a farmer wouldn’t try to grow pineapples in Idaho, we grow strains in the climates to which they’re best suited. It’s about understanding which genetics thrive where, and then controlling that environment and applying it consistently to those plants. 

The same consistency we devote to growing is also applied to our finished products. Every softgel and every pre-roll are exactly the same as the one that came before it. 

If that isn’t the definition of consistency, then we’re not quite sure what is.

Honest brokers

Our products have nothing to hide. Every item we produce has its exact ingredients listed. If it’s in there, it’ll be on the packaging.

There’s a lot going on in the world of cannabis, but this isn’t the Wild West. The government is working on new regulations all the time, enabling even more innovation in cannabis, from edibles and beverages to concentrates and topicals. That’s amazing news—for us and for you. 

Tweed is a government-approved licensed producer held to incredibly high standards. Sure, that makes our jobs more challenging, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Starting December 17, 2019, we’ll be releasing new product classes which you might start to see in your area depending on where you live. Sure, things like pre-rolls, softgels, oil, and bud are wonderful...but what’s life without a little spice? You’ve got to change things up every once in a while. Take a scroll down innovation lane and see what you have to look forward to. 

Oh, and before we get started, you’re probably wondering how each product will affect your carrying limit when you are in a public place. The law states you can’t carry more than the equivalent of 30 g of dried flower for recreational purposes...but how do you know when you’ve hit your limit when carrying these new product classes? Every new product package will indicate an equivalency factor to dried flower right on the label, so you can always make sure you’re following the rules. That’s what those rules are there for. To be followed.

Cannabis vapes

Vape pens will be available where these types of products can be sold in Canada. For the record, some areas will start carrying them in mid-December, but it all depends on your province. For those who don’t choose to smoke, and even for those who do, vapes may offer the same onset time as smoking. 

Cannabis vape pens and vape cartridges will be permitted to contain up to 1000 mg of THC per package, so you’re really getting bang for your buck. Our vape products will only contain 100% cannabis oil extract and terpenes. That’s it. Nothing else. No propylene glycol, no vitamin E acetate. 

Now, keep in mind: the cannabis extract used in vapes can be very potent (meaning they can contain high levels of THC), which makes it even more crucial that you start low and go slow. Trust us on this one. When vaping cannabis, the effects could begin within seconds to minutes and last up to six hours (although sometimes it’s as long as 24 hours). 

Remember, there may be health risks associated with vaping that are not fully known or understood. For more, refer to this information from Health Canada

Cannabis-infused drinks

If you’re familiar with making cannabis edibles, then you know that fatty ingredients (like butter or oil) are usually required. That’s why most DIY cannabis drink recipes are either ineffective or involve some type of hot milk product. Even if you find a ready-to-drink product from a non-licensed producer, there’s no guarantee it’ll be safe, measured accurately, or produced in a clean facility. Don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound the most appealing. 

However, our new cannabis-infused drinks hitting the market will use innovative techniques to make sure that they have the right consistency, the right quality, and (of course) the right taste. Oh, and these drinks are alcohol-free by the way.

Just like vapes, drinks will be available wherever cannabis is sold in your area, and will become available in some provinces starting in mid-December. They’ll be limited to a maximum of 10 mg of THC per package, and there are currently no limits on CBD. Again, like vapes, starting low and going slow is extremely important. Just like any other cannabis product that’s swallowed or eaten, the onset of cannabis beverage effects can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. These effects can last up to 12 hours, but some may last as long as 24 hours.

Cannabis-infused chocolate

It would be a pretty big missed opportunity to not take advantage of the former chocolate factory that we now call home. Made with cannabis distillate, cannabis-infused chocolate will be infused with approximately the same amount of THC and/or CBD per piece, taking the guesswork out of consuming edibles. You’ll be able to find cannabis-infused chocolate, among other edibles, come mid-December at certain licensed cannabis retail environments. 

If you’re consuming edibles, whether it’s chocolate or another form, you really need to start low and go slow. The onset time for edible effects can be anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, and they can last up to 12 hours, sometimes even 24. It’s probably best if you just take it one piece at a time.  

Now, stop us if you’ve heard this one before...but these products will be available wherever cannabis is legally sold starting in mid-December, depending on your province. 

At Tweed, innovation is where responsibility and cool meet. 

We’re like that gadget man from the spy movies, but instead of killing bad guys, we’re using our smarts and tech to give you options, and to make cannabis and the way it’s consumed simple, safe, and just plain better (repetition is fun).

We’re driven by the opportunity to shape this industry into something every single Canadian can be proud of, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

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