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All our products

  • Argyle

    Indica  |  Nordle

    An indica-dominant strain with a balanced THC-to-CBD ratio.

    Available in
  • Bakerstreet

    Indica  |  Hindu Kush

    An indica-dominant THC strain with deep green, trichome-covered buds.

    Available in
  • Lot #2

    Indica  |  Proprietary Strain

    An indica-dominant THC strain with dense, trichome-covered flowers.

    Available in
  • Penelope

    Hybrid  |  CBD Skunk Haze

    A well-balanced hybrid strain with near equal levels of CBD and THC.

    Available in
  • Herringbone

    Hybrid  |  Ken’s Kush

    A hybrid strain with little-to-no CBD and dense, chunky buds.

    Available in
  • Balmoral

    Hybrid  |  UK Cheese

    A THC-dominant hybrid with forest green buds and orange pistils.

    Available in
  • Boaty McBoatface

    Sativa  |  CBD Medihaze

    A memorably-named sativa with beautiful green buds and a sweet, earthy scent.

    Available in
  • Houndstooth

    Sativa  |  C-Land

    A sativa-dominant THC strain with a sweet, spicy, citrusy aroma.

    Available in
  • Donegal

    Sativa  |  Chemdawg

    A sativa with subtle hints of cloves and pine.

    Available in

Available in

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