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Yukon allows adults to consume cannabis in a private residence or adjoining property, but does not allow them to smoke or vape in the presence of health or social service providers or someone who does not want to be exposed to smoking or vaping. Adults are also prohibited from smoking or vaping in an enclosed space that is a daycare, pre-school, or other licensed child care home, regardless of whether children are present at that time or not. For an additional list of prohibited places, please read the Smoke-free Places Act.

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Age to buy



Must be 19 to purchase, possess, or cultivate cannabis

How many plants per household?



Maximum of four cannabis plants per household


How to access

The territorial government owns and operates one retail store and provides an option for online purchases. Private retail is permitted through a controlled licensing regime. You can purchase Tweed online through Cannabis Yukon here.


This information was obtained from various government frameworks on the legalization of cannabis for recreational use. For further information on this topic, you should consult the relevant government websites. This section is not intended to provide legal advice and must not be relied upon as such. While we will try to keep the information in this section up to date, we cannot guarantee that the information will be current at all times. For all legal inquiries, please make sure to consult a lawyer.

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