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Top 9 Myths and Misconceptions About Cannabis (Plus 1 Bonus Because We Like You)

Top 9 Myths and Misconceptions About Cannabis (Plus 1 Bonus Because We Like You)

A big part of legalization is debunking the nasty rumours people have been spreading about weed for the last...like, four decades. It’s actually not the devil’s lettuce, no matter what your grandmother told you.

Now let’s get to some common questions about cannabis that definitely need to be answered.

1. Is Greening Out A Real Thing?

I mean, not really. But you can absolutely start to feel unwell if you consume too much cannabis within a short period of time. If you do start to feel unwell, take some deep breaths, drink a lot of water, get comfortable, and let time do its thing. You’ll be okay after a while. Just take note of how much you consumed to make you feel this way, and maybe don’t do that again.

2. Is it true that most potheads are lazy?

First of all, how dare you?

Second, no. It’s not true.

We’d go so far as to say it’s FALSE. How’s that for debunking a myth? Different strains of cannabis have different effects. Plus, different people have different experiences. Have we used the word DIFFERENT enough?

3. Are the munchies a real thing?

Here’s our favourite buzzword again: DIFFERENT.

Different people have different reactions to different strains. That being said, some people have experienced the munchies. So it’s not a total myth. Keep in mind though that some people are just always in the mood for a snack, cannabis or not.

4. How can you tell if someone is high?

...are you high right now?

5. Can I get a hangover if I smoke too much?

You can’t, so that’s a big plus.

That being said, it’s totally possible that if you consume too much the night before, you could wake up still feeling the effects. So it’s not so much a hangover as it is a continued high.

6. Is it true that planting cannabis seeds during a full moon is best?

Some people do garden based on the moon cycle, but it hasn’t been scientifically proven to affect anything.

It’s sorta like how some people have a lucky charm. It doesn’t really hurt anything by using it, but there’s no evidence to back up the claims that a rabbit’s foot will make you win the lottery.

7. True or false: you can juice cannabis leaves.

TRUE. Smoothies just got a whole lot better, huh?

Keep in mind though, that since the cannabinoids in the leaves have not been decarboxylated, there are no psychoactive effects involved.

8. Is it true that the freezer is the best place to store weed?

Okay, who told you this? Unless you like freezer-burned cannabis, it’s not a great idea. The cold temperatures can make the trichomes on your bud brittle, which then makes them fall off the flower. Who wants that? Your freezer should be left for ice cream, waffles, and that frozen pizza you bought six months ago.

9. The older weed gets, the better it is. True or false?

It’s not wine. Once cannabis has been cured, there’s no improvement to be made over time. That being said, if you store it properly, it’ll last for a long time and not lose quality. So that’s a good thing.

Bonus! True or false: terpenes get you high.

The only evidence for terpenes getting people high is anecdotal. There isn’t any scientific research to back this up, but everyone is different...so...maybe?

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