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Sounds of Tweed

Sounds of Tweed

Your favourite Tweed strain is talking to you. All you gotta do is listen.

Did you know that it’s possible to extract more than just THC and CBD from cannabis? Yup, you just need to listen closely. We’re not joking folks - you can ACTUALLY record the changes of electrical currents flowing through a plant and then convert them into musical notes.

So how do we do it? Well, our team of dedicated plant musicologists (psst - we totally made this title up) record the electrical data from each Tweed strain and save it as a MIDI data file.

We then take that MIDI file and convert it into 3 different sounds. Take a listen below.

Feeling creative? You can also download these sounds and use them to create your own tracks and launch a short-lived career as a cannabis composer. You’re welcome.

Warning: toes will most definitely tap.


Argyle Concert Grand (Piano)

Argyle Giorgio Strings (Strings)

Argyle Encounters Synth (Synth)


Bakerstreet Concert Grand (Piano)

Bakerstreet Giorgio Strings (Strings)

Bakerstreet Encounters Synth (Synth)


Balmoral Concert Grand (Piano)

Balmoral Giorgio Strings (Strings)

Balmoral Encounters Synth (Synth)


Donegal Concert Grand (Piano)

Donegal Giorgio Strings (Strings)

Donegal Encounters Synth (Synth)


Herringbone Concert Grand (Piano)

Herringbone Giorgio Strings (Strings)


Penelope Concert Grand (Piano)

Penelope Giorgio Strings (Strings)

Penelope Encounters Synth (Synth)

Tweed CBD

Tweed CBD Concert Grand (Piano)

Tweed CBD Giorgio Strings (Strings)

Tweed CBD Encounters Synth (Synth)


Highlands Concert Grand (Piano)

Highlands Giorgio Strings (Strings)

Highlands Encounters Synth (Synth)

Boaty McBoatface

Boaty McBoatface Concert Grand (Piano)

Boaty McBoatface Giorgio Strings (Strings)

Boaty McBoatface Encounters Synth (Synth)


Houndstooth Concert Grand (Piano)

Houndstooth Giorgio Strings (Strings)

Houndstooth Encounters Synth (Synth)

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