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The Nunavut government allows adults to consume cannabis in the comfort of private residences, as well as in some public spaces where tobacco is allowed. However, it is prohibited to do so on hospital grounds, school grounds, any place where day care services are provided, a playground, sports field, arenas, community halls, recreational centres, parades, concerts, public events, or any other public place where goods or services are sold or provided to the public.

Age to buy


Must be 19 years old to purchase or possess cannabis

How many plants per household?


Territorial government can regulate whether plants can be grown at home

How to access

The territory’s liquor commission is responsible for the distribution and sale of cannabis. You can purchase cannabis online, by phone, or in a physical store, all through the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission and their agents. Tweed is one of two agents licensed to sell cannabis in Nunavut. You can purchase Tweed online here.

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