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How To Come Down From Being Too High

How To Come Down From Being Too High

We’ve all been there —way too high and unsure if we’re ever going to come down. At some point in every cannabis consumer’s life, you’ll likely eat an edible (or several) and have far more THC in your system than you know what to do with. Maybe you’ll get there by trying to impress friends and taking one bong hit too many, or maybe you’ll simply consume some weed that was way more potent than expected.

Whether you messed up your dosage or overestimated your tolerance, it happens to the best of us - and yes, it’s extremely uncomfortable. Dark thoughts, a racing heart, paranoia and totally freaking out can all accompany the sometimes traumatic effects of excessive THC consumption. However, the good news is that this feeling won’t last forever. Below are some simple and effective ways you can quickly come back down to Planet Earth.

  • Try taking some deep, calming breaths. Many of the symptoms of feeling “too high” are exacerbated by indulging in the dark thoughts, paranoia, and taking short breaths. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Deep breaths are your friend. Get physically comfortable. If possible, change into some sweatpants and your favourite tee, lay out on your bed, or take a bath. In simpler terms, do whatever puts you at ease. But if attempting to relax your body doesn’t work, don’t force it. Just know that nothing that is going on is actually harming you, and the discomfort you’re experiencing is just temporary. In fact, all of this will likely be over in 2-3 hours if you inhaled cannabis, or 4-6 hours if you ate it. 
  • Try one of these natural remedies to get you through: 
    • One of the few ways known to moderate a high is through a terpene found in lemons called Limonene. Limonene was first used as an antidote for cannabis in North Africa, where the perfect anti-high concoction was a lemonade made with fresh-squeezed lemons, water, and some of the peel.
    • Chewing black pepper has a similar effect, thanks to its terpenes, namely B-Caryophyllene.
    • Drink water. Hydration is key.
  • Try distracting yourself. Watch a funny movie, listen to some calming music, pet your dog or cat, doodle, dance, or stare at a piece of art. Whatever gets you out of your head. If you’re not deathly afraid of human interaction, try taking a walk around the block or to the store to get your favorite snack. 
  • Finally, be nice to yourself. If you’re feeling bad, give yourself permission to feel that way. Indulge in some at-home spa treatments. Simply do what feels right. 

Once you’ve come down, make sure to note your limits for next time and adjust your cannabis consumption plan accordingly. You’ll thank us for it.