You served us,
let us serve you.

Our Veteran program starts with ease of access.

That means Tweed covers the cost of your dried cannabis while VAC completes your paperwork, removing any out-of-pocket costs you would incur waiting a month for paperwork to get stamped.* Tweed will also cover the cost of your first vaporizer, including those that cost more than the VAC plan will cover.

Our product line is the most diverse in the industry.

We offer an industry leading assortment of cannabis from Tweed and Bedrocan, Copper Pot Blends, 10:1 Cannabis Oils and tasty baking kits. We also have the scale to keep a wide selection of products in stock at all times. After all, what good is medicine if it isn’t available?

*In order to qualify for advanced payment we’ll need to review a copy of your service record.

Tweed is proud to support hundreds of Canadian veterans through the most comprehensive Veterans program in the industry. We would be honoured if you chose us as your trusted supplier.

Tips for Veterans

(these will help smooth out the process)

Have your doctor add a diagnosis to your medical document.

Send a copy of your medical discharge record along with your application to any of the options below:

Email or call us if you think something is not quite right and we’ll take care of it right away!


1 Hershey Dr.
Smiths Falls, ON
K7A 0A8

Secure fax from your doctors office

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