Quality Assurance.


Every piece of equipment is inspected by our Director of Quality Assurance then assigned a unique identification number. This number allows us to schedule, document, and track the use, cleaning, maintenance, and location of all our equipment in real-time. The equipment we use is first class and takes advantage of the most advanced technologies. With our team of engineer collaborators, we even develop our own specialized equipment – so advanced that nothing like it exists anywhere else.


Our production rooms are under extremely strict sanitary conditions. The rooms have been designed using the pharmaceutical “clean room” model to help ensure only the cleanest air enters each production room. Everything is meticulously cleaned and documented. With the help of our tracking system, our room custodians ensure not a single scheduled cleaning is missed. Our room surfaces are routinely tested to make sure the cleaning was done properly.


Each plant Tweed produces is assigned a unique identification number and is carefully watched by our team of growers. This traceability allows the Director of Quality Assurance to ensure that every step from seed to sale meets and exceeds Tweed's quality assurance program. You can rest assured that your medicine has been checked and approved multiple times throughout the product lifecycle with the aim of delivering product of the highest quality and safety.


Our final quality assurance testing goes beyond the suggested testing recommended in the guidelines. Tweed believes it is important to test for pathogens that could be contracted through oral consumption or inhalation – so you know there is no risk regardless of your method of delivery.

Tom Shipley, Director of Quality Assurance

building on best practices.

Health Canada.

Good Manufacturing Practices Guidelines: GUI-0001 / Cleaning Validation Guidelines: GUI-0028 / Good Manufacturing Practices for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: GUI-0140 / Validation Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: GUI-0029 / MMPR Quality Testing Guidelines / Good Pharmacovigilence Practices (GVP) Guidelines: GUI-0102 / Good Manufacturing Practices for Natural Health Products

Other Gudielines / regulations.

ICH Good Manufacturing Practices for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Q7/ICH Pharmaceutical Quality System: Q10/ ICH Development and Manufacturing of Drug Substances: Q11 / Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations / The Canadian Food and Drug Act / The Canadian Food and Drug Relations / Fertilizers Act / Fertilizers Regulation / European Pharmacopeia 5.1.1 - Methods of Preparation of Sterile Products / USP (1079) - Good Storage and Distribution Practices / USP (1197) - Good Distribution Practices for Bulk Pharmaceutical Excipients / WHO Quality Control Methods for Herbal Materials11971079

Aspiring for the highest standards possible.

Tweed's dedication to quality doesn't stop with our production process. ISO:9001 - Quality Management Systems is considered in the design of all company operations. When we get a little free time, we'll be applying for it.