Cannabis Oil 101.


Bud vs Oil.

Edible cannabis takes longer to set in but lasts longer than if inhaled. Tweed’s 10:1 oils are made for cooking so use them when a longer onset period and longer lasting effects suit your needs.


We've made it easy.

Dosing your medication shouldn’t be complicated. Calling our oils 10:1 puts ease-of-use front and centre. Simply put, 10ml of edible oil is the equivalent to 1g of the same dried bud.


Sunny days.

We have your health top of mind – which is why we’ve balanced purified extracts from Tweed’s strains with non-genetically modified, organic sunflower oil to produce natural, healthy and versatile products.

low go slow

Start low, go slow.

Start with 1ml of our lowest THC 10:1 Cannabis Oil. Move up incrementally every three days to find the right dose. Be mindful of THC content and slow onset of effects. Restart with 1ml when trying oils made from high THC strains.


What do you do with it?

You can ingest 10:1 oil straight from the dosing syringe we provided or use it in your favourite recipe. If you have Cooker’s Block, you can always check the Tweed Pantry.

low go slow

Safety never takes a vacation.

Always store your medicine where children can’t access it and be sure to label any foods made with Tweed 10:1 cannabis oil. Never operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery while impaired. Avoid consuming alcohol in combination with cannabis.

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What is 10:1?

For all Tweed products, 10ml of oil = 1g of the same dried bud.

10ml of Argyle oil = 1g of Argyle,
10ml of Birdseye oil = 1g of Birdseye,
10ml of Princeton oil= 1g of… you get the picture.

With the arithmetic taken care of and a growing selection of oil products to choose from, all we left to you is the baking.

Ingestion vs. inhaling.


Delayed onset of effects: The onset of effects could take up to 2 hours or longer.

Longer duration of effect: Effects can last 6-10 hours or longer. Some patients needing relief over a longer period of time (for example through the night) may prefer ingestion.


Onset of effects within minutes: Some patients require symptom relief to occur sooner for more acute needs.

Shorter duration of effects: May be ideal for patients who need symptom management for a shorter time frame (effects last generally 2-4 hours, in some cases up to 6).

*Tweed's 10:1 cannabis oils are not intended for inhalation.

10:1 Equivalency Chart.

Tweed's Commitment to Education

Tweed is launching a fund to support the delivery of education programs on the responsible use of cannabis. Along with Bedrocan, Tweed has committed $50,000 toward partnerships with leading organizations committed to responsible use education. $1 from every bottle of 10:1 Cannabis Oils sold will also go towards this important initiative.

We are pleased to announce our first initiative is funding a national campaign to raise awareness about the responsible use of cannabis in relation to driving. We are proud to be bringing together the country’s leaders in promoting evidence based drug policy and safe driving, the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.