About Vaporizing

How Vaporizing Works.

Vaporizing requires a specialized device traditionally called a vaporizer (also known as a nebulizer), which can vary in size, make and customizability. Tweed provides vaporizers for sale to its registered clients at heavily discounted prices in order to encourage the use of this product.

Using a vaporizer involves the placement of ground cannabis into a chamber where the cannabis is progressively heated past the boiling point of each bioactive component, but not high enough to cause the plant to burn. The vapors are collected into a secondary chamber, or are directly inhaled by the patient.

Vapor Points.

Many vaporizers offer the ability to change the set temperature, which can impact the amount of bioactive cannabinoids that are present in the vapor. Research using the Volcano® vaporizer found the delivery efficiency highest at around 226 °C (439 °F), falling to about half efficiency at 150 °C (302 °F) to 180 °C (356 °F) degrees depending on material.

Vaporizers require sufficient time to heat up and properly vaporize the bioactive components of the cannabis plant. The required preparation time for using a vaporizer is why some patients continue to smoke cannabis if they are using it to address acute flare-ups of symptoms.


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Did You Know?

The primary bioactive components in medical marijuana have the following boiling points: THC: 157 °C (315 °F) // CBD: 160-180°C (320°F-356°F) // CBN: 185 °C (365 °F)