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Tweed Sessions: Oils and Softgels

Who knew there were so many different ways to say Hi? Get the inside scoop on oils, softgels, and all things Tweed.


3735 Quance st, Regina

  • Thursday, June 13, 4 pm
  • Friday, June 14, 4 pm
  • Thursday, June 27, 4 pm
  • Friday, June 28, 4 pm
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The Connection Between the LGBTQ+ Movement and Cannabis

The LGBTQ+ movement has always been very intertwined with the legalization of cannabis. It’s a lot of hard work, and we recognize that we’re not doing it alone.

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Tweed Sessions: Accessories

From bongs & papers, to bags & trays, we’ll guide you through usage & maintenance of these handy tools. Check out a session near you.

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Product Info

Tweed Oil: Big THC, small bottle.

Have you met Tweed Oil yet? If not, click here to say Hi.

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