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Edibles won’t be around until 2019, but we have a solution...

Let’s face it, a lot of people don’t enjoy the idea of filling their lungs with anything other than air. However, this can make things a bit tricky when it comes to the world of cannabis. 

For generations, smoking a joint was perhaps the most popular method of cannabis consumption. Your daddy did it, his daddy before him, and even his daddy before him. That’s a lot of daddies. But back to the story at hand...


Smoking a joint can be uncomfortable, and even though vaping is a preferred alternative to smoking, it can still be just as uncomfortable at times. It’s not like the human body was designed to inhale smoke or vapour. That’s why a lot of us start to cough and wheeze until we look like red-faced idiots when smoking pot.


It’s also why some people turn to edibles. But oh, no - edibles won’t be available to Canadian consumers until Autumn 2019. What are we going to do?


Answer: Tweed Softgels.

Here’s how it works:

You take a softgel, and about an hour or two later, you feel its effects for about 6-8 hours or more. Oh yeah, and their associated effects are quite comparable to those of an edible.

Not sold yet? All good, here’s some other stuff to consider:    

1) Discreet, convenient and precisely dosed.

A softgel’s conveniently small size makes it incredibly discreet, meaning you won’t draw any unwanted attention from your next door neighbours.


They’re also precisely dosed, so you know exactly how much you’re getting at any given time. AND they don’t smell like anything. 

2) You can ask your friends “You gel?”.

Look, we know this isn’t a real benefit, but don’t you want to live in a world where “You gel?” is a thing people say?

3) They’re calorie-free.

Yep. You can enjoy these softgels without stressing about fitting into your favourite overalls the next day.


DISCLAIMER: This does not count the calories that exist in all the snacks you may or may not consume after “you gel”. 

4) They’re available right now.

Who says you can’t experience those edible effects until 2019? A variety of softgels are available right now from your friends at Tweed. Just check your local cannabis store - if they’re not there yet, they will be soon.


Pssst, you’re welcome.