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Gift Card Program Terms and Conditions:


The Tweed Regina gift card may only be used for making purchases at Tweed Regina - Albert St. and Quance St. locations and may not be used for purchases on or at any other Tweed retail locations. Your use of the card constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions presented in store by the issuing merchant, which are subject to change without notice from time to time. Funds on the card will not expire. The card cannot be redeemed for cash and is not for resale. Treat the card like cash. Lost or damaged cards will not be re-issued. 




Q: Which denominations will gift cards be available in?

A: Gift cards will be available in denominations of $10, $20, $25, $50, $75, $100, and $200.


Q: When and where can I purchase my gift card?

A: Gift cards can only be purchased in-store at the following locations, subject to availability, beginning at the specified date below:


Q: Where can I use my gift card?

A: Your card can only be used at Tweed Regina - Albert St. and Quance St. retail locations. It is not possible to use it at any other location or on 


Q: Can I buy cannabis with my gift card?

A: Yes, you can buy any item for sale within the store with a Tweed gift card. 


Q: Can I return a product that I purchased using a gift card?

A: All purchases are subject to the in-store return policy. Please see in-store for more details.


Q: Can I reload my gift card?

A: Gift cards are not reloadable at this time.


Q: Can gift cards be combined with other payment types?

A: Yes, you may make a purchase using a gift card and another payment type. 


Q: Can I return a gift card?

A: All gift cards are considered final sale. Please ensure you are comfortable with your purchase. 


Q: How do I check my balance?

A: Call or visit Tweed Albert St. or Tweed Quance St. to check your balance. Whenever you make a purchase with a gift card, a balance receipt will be printed for you.


Q: Can I buy multiple cards at once?

A: Yes! You can buy multiple cards and different denominations in one transaction!


Happy gift-giving! 


Q: Why can’t I purchase/redeem a gift card at another Tweed location? 

A: Currently, this program is only available at the Tweed Albert St. and Tweed Quance St. locations in Regina SK as these are independently owned and operated locations. This is an initiative we are working on and look forward to launching in the near future for our corporately owned Tweed locations. 


Q: Why can’t I purchase/redeem a gift card on 

A: Currently, this program is only available at the Tweed Albert St. and Tweed Quance St. retail locations in Regina SK and must be used for in store purchases only.



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