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Social Impact

Saying Hi everywhere we go.

We love listening to communities, and supporting initiatives where awareness and education can make positive contributions. We wanna do good things for people–that’s pretty much it.

We’re in a unique position to make a difference in people’s lives, both in Canada and around the world. Sure, we like to have fun, but this stuff matters and we’re pretty serious about it.

Tweed Collective

Founded on the principles of progress, growth, and community development, the Tweed Collective is committed to investing $20 million over the next four years in social, responsible initiatives aimed at growing vibrant communities across the country.


This 4/20 commitment (get it?) is all about finding, funding, and fostering ideas that energize neighbourhoods, feed culture, and leave lasting impacts on Canadian communities. In short, the Tweed Collective is investing in the places we live. It’s a good thing.

MADD Canada

Since 2016, Tweed has supported MADD Canada in its efforts to put an end to impaired driving. The latest Tweed x MADD Canada campaign is aimed at increasing awareness and education around the same mission. The message behind the Don’t Drive High campaign is a simple one: just don’t do it. To support the Don’t Drive High campaign, Tweed is championing 101 things to do instead.

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