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For us, innovation never stops.

The world of cannabis is ever-evolving, and we’re leading the way.

Tweed was the first to market with softgels, the first to offer a cannabis-based sexual enhancement product, the first to develop and display the terpene profiles of our products. Tweed was also the first to build a dedicated area in its facility for advanced plant breeding, and the first licensed grower to produce and sell its own feminized seed.

From exciting new products and delivery formats to intuitive, functional packaging, we’re 100%, full-on, no joke committed to forever progressing.

At Tweed, we never stop pushing the boundaries of possibility...and we never will.

The simple reason we focus so much on innovation is to continue earning your loyalty through the development of incredible, breakthrough ideas.

Of course, we’d love to let you in on all the top-secret stuff we’re constantly working on, but then it wouldn’t be top-secret, would it?

Still hungry to learn more? Reach out, why dontcha?

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