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THC is responsible for the “high” felt from cannabis. Research has connected it to the immune system regulating, anti- inflammatory, and pain relieving properties of medical marijuana.

Health Canada. Information for health care professionals: Cannabis and the cannabinoids.


CBD has been connected to the anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, and muscle relaxing functions of medical marijuana.

Health Canada. Information for health care professionals: Cannabis and the cannabinoids.


Sativa strains are almost exclusively THC dominant. Although not always the case, Sativa strains are often associated with a more energetic or uplifting experience.


Indica strains can contain higher levels of CBD and more balanced mixtures of CBD and THC. Although not always the case, Indica strains are often associated with a heavier, more calming experience.


Hybrids are created by breeding two strains of cannabis together, where one strain is, in some part, Indica and the other is, in some part, Sativa.

Copper Pot Blends

Precisely measured and hand blended by our Grow Team, Copper Pot Blends offer customers a curated mixture of Tweed strains, blended together to create a variety of THC and CBD potencies to suit our customers' varying tastes.

Milled or Granulated

Granulated: Bedrocan’s Gran Flos (literally Granulated Flowers) is the original full flower bud that is hand ground through a custom designed sieve to create a patient-ready product ready to put into a vaporizer or rolled, straight from the vial.

Milled: We occasionally sell milled strains to keep customer favorites in stock or to avoid shipping buds that have too much stem weight. The effect and the potencies are top notch, plus we milled it for you!


Sometimes so many choices can be a bit overwhelming, but with our new Collections you can try a small amount of a few different strains at a slightly lower price. It's a win win.

10:1 Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oils are created using a sophisticated supercritical extraction process. The extracted oil is then balanced with organic non-gmo sunflower oil.

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Growing (4-7 months ETA to the Shop)

The plants are busy growing, building a strong foundation for when they’re ready to produce medicine. No flowers yet! It’s a sea of healthy and vibrant green leaves.

Flowering (2-5 months ETA to the Shop)

The conditions are right for the plants to flower, producing the bud laden in cannabinoids that will soon be your medication. At this stage, we’re nurturing healthy flowers, trichomes, and colourful pistils.

Refining and Testing (0-3 months ETA to the Shop)

We’re perfecting your medication – there are a couple more finishing steps before it’s ready to send to you. We dry and cure the buds carefully so that you get only the best quality stuff. For the cannabis destined to become oil, this is where the transformation happens. We extract the essentials and precisely mix them with organic sunflower oil, then bottle it up. We're not done until everything is rigorously quality tested, so you know exactly what you’re getting.