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Tweed Main Street Presents Herb & Cheese

The Lodge at 251 Queen Street in Toronto will this December play host to a unique cannabis event presented by Tweed Main Street. An exclusive culinary experience that hopes to honour cannabis culture and set the tone for inclusivity in this new industry, Herb & Cheese is crafted to guide guests on a sensory journey by matching specific strains with delicious dishes.

From pairings of Palm Tree CBD with hojicha green tea to mixes of Ocean View and mochi cheesecake, Andrew Youngson has a little something for everyone planned. The chef, who fits well this role for having an intimate understanding of both cannabis and cuisine, believes the same principles that apply to wine pairings can be converted to cannabis. Simply, he says, some strains accentuate flavours in certain foods.

“The plan is to match different terpene profiles and have contrasting elements of the dish make it interesting for your palate,” Andrew says. “When paired properly, the result is a harmonious balance of flavours. By having elements that either complement or contrast each other, the end result is a complexity that enhances both the cannabis and the food.”

Pairing the two together, says he, is an exercise in elevating the culinary experience. When the cannabis plant’s terpenes – the naturally occurring flavours and scents of a strain – are matched with a complementary or contradictory dish, the possible combinations are, Andrew says, “stimulating both for the palate and the mind.”

Herb & Cheese will host an educational component and be moderated by Shega A’Mula and Adam Greenblatt, two knowledgeable members of Tweed’s patient and community outreach team. While sampling, guests will have the chance to listen to music, interact with other Tweed patients and learn about topics like terpenes and healthy cannabis pairings, but also more nuanced themes like genetic variation and proper strain selection.

“Many clients new to cannabis aren’t aware of the diversity in strains and products, and how exciting it is to be able to find a variety that really helps their particular needs,” says Shega. “People want to feel connected to their food again, and cannabis is a way for them to do that by incorporating their medicine into their cuisine, even if it’s not infusing, but pairing, dishes.”

“It only makes sense to try and educate people through a fun and sociable evening,” Andrew adds, “because there are no standards for pairing specific selections with certain dishes. With cannabis pairings, we’re just starting to build norms and you need to be able to educate people in terms of what it is they’re consuming, how and why it can complement their diet.”

Open to only a limited number of Tweed customers, this exclusive event will be attended by the first people to get their hands on our Herb & Cheese Collection. Included in the collection is one gram each of Leafs By Snoop’s Palm Tree CBD and Ocean View, one gram of Tweed Lot #3 and two grams of DNA-certified Lemon Skunk. In addition to a cross-section of selections from our shop, you’ll also receive four Mighty Medic cartridges, a lip piece for the device and, of course, a ticket to this one-of-a-kind culinary outing.

Herb & Cheese is a vaping only event. We encourage people to bring their own vaporizers but Mighty Medics will be on site with individual lip pieces for personal consumption. Though comprised mostly of vegetarian selections, some of the items being served on the night will contain lactose and gluten.

Please remember, the four cartridges found in your Herb & Cheese Collection should be packed respectively with the strains found therein so that they can be paired with the dishes served up by chef Andrew. Doors to The Lodge on Queen open at 7 p.m. on the night of Dec. 2 and the event runs from 8:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. Come early and bring a healthy appetite!

Here’s to Future Growth!

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