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Socalled To Host Tweed’s POP MTL Show

In celebration of the latest instalment of POP Montreal, Tweed is throwing a party at Santé Cannabis. This Saturday, Sept. 24, we will be hosting the Socalled Medical Marijuana Show in Montreal, which will feature – you guessed it – Socalled! The rapper, producer, klezmer accordionist, pianist and cannabis aficionado is scheduled to spin some of the records from his impressive 10,000-album collection at the party. In advance of the show, we caught up with Socalled to talk about his unique sound, hear about his passion for mixing music and marijuana, and find to out what fans can expect from his set on Saturday.

You have an eclectic style, but a cohesive sound. How do manage to balance those two extremes?

The trick for fusion is knowing the parts that go into the fusion and not just messing around with something that you’ve kind of heard a little bit of. You need to do your homework and know the parts, and then you can mess around with it. The truth is I’m kind of a traditionalist, I’m kind of a purist. I love old stuff that’s real and based in a real culture that’s not trying to be something.

In addition to playing music, you’re also a magician, cartoonist and puppet maker. Do those other passions find their way into your music?

I guess the hardest thing about being a creative, productive person is being inspired and having the fire to do anything and the wherewithal to get up and make something. So having all those different interests and hobbies, they kind of fuel me in that I don’t really get bored. In a way puppet making and magic tricks fuel my music because they’re not music; it’s something for my brain to deal with so I don’t get bored of the music that I make.

Do you get bored with your music?

Life gets boring. You sort of get used to things and you have to try to find what it is that got you inspired in the first place. Making beats is basically my favourite thing to do, but then sometimes you just don’t have the time to sit down and make beats when you’re on tour performing songs that you created years and years ago. It’s about constantly re-finding that passion that got you to just do things ’cause it was fun.

Does cannabis help keep things interesting?

Definitely. I mean there are certain stages of the process that I absolutely love to smoke and do, and then there are certain stages where I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. In the individual, it’s about finding what works and what doesn’t work. It [cannabis] can create interesting discoveries artistically, and there are certain steps that I do where it’s just part of the process to be in that zone.

Your live show shifts between a full band and solo set. What can people expect from the Socalled Medical Marijuana Show on Saturday?

I think I’m going to DJ the party and – though I’m not a traditional DJ – I have about 10,000 vinyl LPs in my apartment. Again, I’m not technically a DJ who can mix and beat match and make you dance for five hours straight at a certain tempo, but I do have an awesome collection!

The Socalled Medical Marijuana Show will be hosted by Santé Cannabis at 1244 Rue Wolfe in Montreal this Saturday, Sept. 24, at 3:30 p.m.

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