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Rewards and recognition come full circle for care

Tweed’s Care Centre isn’t your typical call centre. Perched on the top deck of the planet’s largest medical marijuana facility, its vibrant green walls are adorned with inspiration – quotes and captions promoting virtues like hope, strength and perseverance. One sign has the word IMPOSSIBLE sprawled out in bold letters with the I and M Xd out. Around the word, a community events collage – Ottawa Pride, United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lanark County and the Smiths Falls Community Food Bank – showcases the faces of smiling Care Team members. That seems to be a theme around these parts.

It’s early October and Halloween is already in full moon in the Care Centre on this, an unusually quiet fall day. As a meeting captures the attention of most of the Registration Team in an adjacent room, three felt spiders circle a plastic warning sign on a filing cabinet: ‘Caution! Rockstar at work.’ The message speaks a quiet truth in this presently silent room, or Chocolate Shop, as the large gold-coloured letters on the far wall would have one believe (false advertising – the candy shop’s next door).

Past the Cannabliss Lounge and down a winding hall that connects the Registration Team to the Frontline Team, another relic from Hershey’s heyday hangs with a new purpose. The lifesize sign, which once listed activity news in the chocolate factory, has been adopted to celebrate “The Highest of the High” – the Care Team’s unconventional ode to our Employees of the Month. The incentive is but one of the many initiatives that Care Centre Director Jacqui has put in place to ensure that Tweed’s Care Team continues to offer top notch service.

It’s true, despite being the largest and busiest call centre in the industry, the Tweed Care Centre is also really efficient. Jacqui and her team have set and hit what some time ago seemed like impossible targets: same-day registration, with calls answered in less than a minute (21 seconds today!). To put those figures in perspective, the Care Centre is answering more than 600 calls a day and fielding over 800 email from customers all over the country.

The Care Team was recognized for those efforts at the 13th annual Ottawa Region Contact Centre Awards (ORCCA) last month. In addition to taking home the best in class award for Excellence in Employee Engagement and Satisfaction, a number of members of the Care Centre were awarded individual prizes. Dan Maloney, who heads the Resolution Team, was recognized for agent excellence, while Marc Provost, Head Team Lead, was awarded for manager excellence.

“For me, it’s validation for the team,” says Jacqui. We’re taking what this team is being asked to do and sharing with organizations like ORCCA, members of which came here and said that we stole their hearts. It’s amazing that the team has been able to come through and shine doing their work. The recognition is simply awesome.”

ORCAA may yet foreshadow successes to come for the Care Centre this fall. After being given the nod last year for Best Customer Service in the business at the Canadian Cannabis Awards, the Care Team is again looking for your support! With winners being announced later this month by the host Lift Cannabis, the Canadian Cannabis Awards will prove another chance for Jacqui and her team to justify the purchase of a trophy case in the very near future.

Meantime, individuality will continue to be celebrated alongside teamwork on the top shelf of Tweed’s home base. In addition to the “Highest of the High,” Care Team members are known to score certificates for Awesomeness, Dope Work and Done Goods. They roll dice on birthdays for extra breaks and discounted merch, and host contests and delicious pot lucks. They even once built aluminum foil horses as a personality exercise!

“From day one I wanted to create an environment that wasn’t micro-managed. You need to love coming to work, because then the customer will be able to feel that,” Jacqui says. “Honestly, that’s why we celebrate individuals and we celebrate people thinking outside of the box. It all lends to helping the customer beyond their expectation.”

Here’s to Future Growth!

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Mr. Cooper

October 05, 2016

Keep up the good work. I have been with you guys for almost a year. I have had excellent service through and through so far. Loving the whole vibe here.

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