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Rain n shine over rock n roll at Tweed Shindig

August 13th marked a day of firsts for Tweed, the town of Smiths Falls and Canada’s medical cannabis community. The Front Yard Shindig welcomed Blakdenim, The Balconies and Joel Plaskett to the grass on the lawn of our Smiths Falls facility, where an excited crowd congregated in the pouring rain to celebrate the first outdoor music event hosted by a medical marijuana company.

Photos by: Alex Vlad

More than simply another summer music festival, the Shindig was billed as a family affair, with food trucks and a popular children’s tent proving to be big attractions on the day. Many of the kids on hand were attending their first concert and, with face painting, games, a cheer squad and cotton candy machine, it will likely be one they’ll not soon forget.

As music and cannabis fans alike made their way through the festival gates, many remarked at the similarities between the Front Yard Shindig and…. Woodstock! Mainly, those comparisons focused on the rain, mud and more RAIN! After a wet first couple hours, the skies finally opened up as raincoat-clad children stomped their rubber boots through puddle after puddle.

Photos by: Jason Code

While Murphy’s law threatened the sanctity of the event with ominous skies for most of the evening, a major technical difficulty could have sent everyone home early, even before the storm clouds rolled in. During soundcheck, the stage generator fizzled out half-an-hour before the gates opened! Thankfully, a back-up unit was delivered in time and, by 4:20 p.m. (seriously!), The Wildcard was able take to the stage.

From the outset, a palpable feeling of support and community could be felt as Tweed hats and T-shirts were donned by many as they moved to the infectious sound of BlakDenim’s rap, funk, rock and soul beats. The Balconies followed and did not disappoint, bringing a high-energy experience to the stage that had people jumping out of the many lawn chairs dotting the grounds, and grooving in their water soaked shoes.

Photos by: Alex Vlad

Pouncing onto the stage around 7 p.m., headliners The Joel Plaskett Emergency were blunt and rocked the joint. Plaskett debuted a Gretsh Super Axe at the Shindig, incorporating an onboard phasor and compression into the sound. For old and new fans alike, the set was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the East Coast indie legend rock for free outside of one of the world’s largest marijuana grow-ops.

Social media was ablaze throughout the evening, with pictures from the day of the bands, kids loving the summer showers and, of course, Front Yard Shindig memorabilia! A community united at the event to create the hashtag #frontyardshindig. You can check it out if you weren’t able to make it to this year’s fiesta!

Photos by: Alex Vlad

After the intimate musical showcases of the Shindig, folks from all over Canada converged on the Smiths Falls night scene to share some cold beverages and celebrate a successful day. The conversation oscillated between recapping this year’s event and planning the next, as it seems now inevitable the Shindig may mark an annual event on our company calendar.

A BIG thank you to all of those that came to the event and showed support for the town of Smiths Falls, our young company, and the medical cannabis community. We would also like to thank all of the organizations and individuals that helped make this dream a possibility. Without you, this would still be an unrealized idea known only to the walls of a former Hershey factory turned world-class weed facility!

Photos by: Andrew Szeto

Here’s to Future Growth (Rain and Shine)!

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