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Meet The Customer-

Ask 100 people on the street what a medical marijuana user looks like and you’d likely hear a clichéd description of a light-hearted slacker with an embarrassingly large hacky sack collection, a thorough knowledge of the Grateful Dead’s catalogue and a glove box full of empty Visine bottles.

When we started Tweed, we knew that we shouldn’t make assumptions about our clientele. And no matter how many times we’ve told ourselves to expect the unexpected, we’ve been inspired by the diversity of the extended Tweed family. We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know thousands of people and now we want to share some of their stories in hopes of highlighting the diverse face of Canadian medical cannabis.

This month, we spoke to Jason N. A medical marijuana patient since 2011, Jason started out growing at his property in Quebec under the MMAR before an unfortunate home invasion sent him scrambling for a safer distribution channel. Since making the switch from a multitude of prescription pain pills to medical cannabis almost six years ago, Jason says he hasn’t made a single unscheduled visit to his doctor’s office.

What inspired you to seek medical cannabis? Basically, I was taking seven or eight different pills a day. I was hospitalized three times in one month and the last time my heart almost stopped. I was brought in by ambulance and that’s when I got into medical cannabis. I stopped all the pills, even Tylenol.
How has cannabis helped your symptoms or condition? It helps me with chronic pain and my post-traumatic stress syndrome, stress and anxiety. Basically, it’s what’s keeping me alive right now.
How long have you been a Tweed customer? Almost two years now.
What made you choose Tweed? Some friends and I heard about the company and I saw that you had a lot of variety and weren’t too far from me. I’ve basically been with you since.
Have your friends and family commented on your choice? My parents are church-going people who were completely against cannabis. But after they saw it helped me walk and feel better, now they are all for it.
What is your favourite strain and why? Palm Tree CBD. I like the taste, the smell, the effect.
How do you typically consume your cannabis? I roll it and smoke it.
Do you prefer ingesting bud or Tweed Cannabis Oils? The Tweed Cannabis Oils. What I find about the oils is it lasts a lot longer.
How do you see this industry developing in the future? I see it taking over the medical industry.
Who is your favourite cannabis advocate and why? My cousin, Mike N. He’s a scientist out in California working in the medical field of cannabis. I find his research on what cannabis can do amazing.

Here’s to Future Growth!

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Sean Thomas

November 29, 2016

Thanks for the fantastic quality and so many different strains even going the extra mile to get snoop s strains but i enjoy your strains more keep up the excellent work guys and ladies i look forward to my delivery every time so much thanks

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