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DNA Certified Lemon Skunk now Available

On an otherwise ordinary Thursday in early September, Tweed’s vault is a hive of activity. The sound of a 20-volt drill is ringing out from aisle 18, where the company’s building manager is punching holes into Sterilite containers that will hold temper tags meant to secure the pounds of ground house blend inside. The process is taking place under the watchful eye of our internal compliance manager.

In aisle 18 the vault’s curator, Brian, is explaining the process of labelling packages to one of our extraction technologists. Her colleague is leaning into a product freezer organizing samples of refined oil. The sound of Brian’s favourite band, KORN, is conspicuously absent. It must be a busy day.

Between aisles 7 and 8, a production assistant is leafing through Rubbermaid totes with large vacuum-sealed bags. The shelves in front of her are lined with containers labelled with names like Princeton, Bakerstreet and Argyle. Toward the middle of the two isles, in stacks of containers labelled Lemon Skunk, there are dozens of bags that hold a fresh new scent – the smell of craft cannabis.

As our first DNA Genetics Certified strain, Lemon Skunk is the product of a full year’s phenotyping and refinement. Since we announced our partnership in the fall of 2015, our growers have been working with Don and Aaron to cultivate a number of varieties that would reflect the high standards connoisseurs of their genetics have come to expect.

A mid-range strain with a 17% THC content and pinene-dominant terpene profile, Lemon Skunk is the latest addition in DNA’s always-expanding arsenal of world-class strains. Some of the other names that have earned Don and Aaron their more than 125 cannabis awards (countless Cannabis Cups among them) include notorious varieties like 91 Krypt, Chocolope and Super Lemon OG.

Master Grower Kevin Furet is happy to be collaborating with DNA – two guys he’s known on the scene for years – to craft the Lemon Skunk strain. He says it’s an “honour” to work with Don and Aaron, a “team of professionals that match the positive energy and respect for the culture that we have at Tweed.

“Many things in life seem naturally paired and for me the pheno we selected just seems to thrive in the grow rooms here at Tweed,” Furet says. “I've always enjoyed growing this sativa-dominant hybrid for its balanced effects and commonly dense bud structure.”

Fitted with a DNA Certified seal of approval in the Tweed Shop, Lemon Skunk is the first in a series of strains that our customers will be able to purchase that has been bred and phenotyped by Don and Aaron. Alongside our Master Grower and production teams at Smiths Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake, DNA will continue to work in coming months on the next strains certified by the world’s top cannabis breeders. Keep your eye on the shop for their stamp of approval!

Here’s to Future Growth.

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