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Northside Birthday Party Wraps With Farms Trip

It was after midnight when the sound of “Happy Birthday” rang out across UNIUN Nightclub in Toronto. The source – a group of session musicians assembled to rip a live rendition of their cover of Snoop Dogg’s “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?” – was an altogether unlikely and appreciative ensemble to sing happy birthday to a legendary West Coast rapper.

“Thank you very much for that beautiful selection, I like the way y’all was singing,” Snoop said as he took to the stage and grabbed the mic. “I just turned 21-years-old, so now I’m legal,” he joked before dropping a shout out to Tweed and launching into his first track, The Next Episode, which was met with loud cheers from a zealous mass.

For the next ninety minutes, Snoop pushed the animated crowd of 1,200 to a fever pitch. As the temperature in the downtown club climbed to California-like climes, DJ Snoopadelic cut decades-old hip-hop records to new-age club tracks with the poise and precision of a seasoned performer.

Photos by: Ezra Soiferman

While behind the turntables and spinning hit after hit as his alter ego DJ Snoopadelic, Snoop was able to captivate and prove in short order why he’s counted among the most prolific entertainers and icons of our era. True to form, The Doggfather even took time out to pose for pics and meet with some fans on hand for the show.

When his set ended around 2:00 a.m., the crowd cleared out quickly, leaving in its wake only a handful of Tweed staffers and the relics – ice sculptures, sound equipment and half-empty (or half-full?) glasses – of a night not soon to be forgotten by anyone in attendance. Nobody needed to say it, though they did: Snoop’s Dogg’s Northside Birthday Party was a unanimous success.

Following a few hours of shuteye, Snoop and his entourage packed up in Toronto and headed out on the QEW for Niagara-on-the-Lake. The sun shone down on Tweed Farms warming a bright fall day when two black Mercedes-Benz vans rolled into the back parking lot of the facility. Like a lucid dream, an unforgettable outing was unquestionably on the horizon.

Over two hours Snoop toured the greenhouse at the Farms alongside Tweed President Mark Zekulin, Master Grower Kevin Furet and Chief Creative Officer Martin Strazovec. Together they visited the facility’s flowering bays, drying room and vault. Snoop even took a minute to trim a couple buds from the Farms’ fall crop – impressively one of the largest legal cannabis harvests of all time!

Photos by: Patti Zebchuck

“We’re very fortunate to have a skilled team at Tweed Farms capable of employing a robust and novel approach to cannabis cultivation,” says Zekulin. “To have a new partner like Snoop Dogg visit the facility at the same time as our fall harvest was really special. Most importantly, he was very happy with everything he saw.”

After an interview with Tweed’s resident content writer, Uncle Snoop posed for photos with Farms production staff, putting smiles on the faces of everyone he came into contact with in the process. By the end of the day, there was no questioning the fact The Doggfather was having as much fun as everyone who had the chance to meet him on his first tour through the plant.

After 48 hours – a day spent celebrating the Canadian instalment of his birthday and the other touring the largest legal greenhouse on the planet – the time had come to bring the trip to a close. Just as quickly as his visit started, it seemed, so too it ended. And as the vans pulled out of the parking lot in late afternoon, a cloud of dust rose like a plume of smoke and the sun dipped, fittingly, to the west.

Here’s to Future Growth!

Photos by: Ezra Soiferman

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