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July Strain of the Month - High Lands

Like many great creations, East Coast Sour Diesel is the product of a happy accident. Rumoured to be a rare descendant of Original Diesel crossed with a Chemdawg, Northern Lights and Skunk phenotype that hermied out, its unconfirmed lineage has shrouded one of the strongest and most popular varieties in mystery since it took root in the early 90s.

A sativa-dominant strain that yields lanky, trichome-covered plants, East Coast Sour Diesel is characterized by one of the most unique terpene profiles on the planet. A pungent mix of earthy diesel and citrus combine to form an exotic profile noted for its high levels of limonene, caryophyllene and pinene.

While High Lands is recognized as a sativa (60-40), the variety is sometimes confused for an indica because of its high THC content and notorious ability to couchlock even the most seasoned connoisseur. At 23% THC and 0% CBD, East Coast Sour Diesel has been counted among High Times’ list of the world’s strongest strains and is a multiple Cannabis Cup winner.

A celebrated strain not only on the East Coast, but across the planet, High Lands has proven time and again one of the most sought-after varieties we’ve cultivated over the short history of this company. The reason for that, believes Tweed’s Master Grower Tony Lacombe, is its beauty and potency.

“High Lands is a tall growing plant on the sativa side that produces large flowers that means a need for additional support when cultivating,” says Lacombe. “The strain facilitates the SCROG method and forms a balanced calyx to leaf ratio, beautiful trichome profile and a mighty potent plant.”

Given its strength, High Lands is best used at the end of the workday and is not recommend for patients new to cannabis. Producing a fast peak, East Coast Sour Diesel is said to provide a numbing quality to aid with muscle and nerve pain. Patients also report High Lands can help improve a stalled appetite and work as an effective sleep aid.

Here's to Future Growth!

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