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March Strain of the Month - Tweed Lot #3

Distinguishing medical from recreational cannabis is a task made simpler by strains like Tweed Lot #3. At less than 1% THC and nearly 12% CBD, there isn’t as strong a demand for strains like it from purely recreational users. Hence the rarity of its profile! But for what it lacks in psychoactive properties, it makes up for in its reported ability to manage a laundry list of symptoms.

Tweed Lot #3 is a medium-size plant with compact, dense colas, that boasts light flowers with a milky trichome layer. High levels of myrcene in the strain contribute to a classic earthy smell with a kick of pine and hints of lemon and cherry, attributed to its moderate concentration of pinene and limonene.

Produced in-house under the watch of our professional grow team, Tweed Lot #3 was sourced of seeds from a small-scale medical breeder. The prized phenotype was selected for its genetic properties from among dozens of other samples. Particularly, the plant was picked for its exceptionally high cannabidiol (CBD) content.

While the average CBD content of a cannabis flower is between 0.1% and 0.3%, Tweed Lot #3 tips the scales at an impressive 12%. The strain also has a THC content of less than a half-a-percent, making it a popular choice for daytime consumption because patients say it will not produce the traditional psychoactive effects of THC-rich strains.

As Tweed refines its product lines and genetics, we’re always on the lookout for standout strains to add to our Shop. Master Grower Tony Lacombe says that’s what we’ve found in Tweed Lot #3.

“We’ve done a lot of experimentation over the last year-and-a-half and this strain has demonstrated some good resilience and adaptability to various grow environments,” he says. “Because CBD doesn’t degrade but plateaus, we’ve noticed the trichomes don’t turn amber and so the plant looks forever young. It’s labour intensive, but all good things come with hard work.”

The strain is reported to be a great partner in any pain management strategy that involves cannabis. Given it is very low in THC, Tweed Lot #3 is said to make for a great variety that can be consumed without the unsavoury side-effect of sedation that accompanies some strains. Tweed Lot #3 is available in the Shop now.

Here’s to Future Growth!

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