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Tweed Pantry

Introducing our new Tweed muffin mix

As part of the launch of our new 10:1 cannabis oils this week, we’ll be introducing a number of items to the Tweed Pantry. It’s our hope these tips, products and recipes will help make it easier for you to incorporate oils into your life.

First up is our muffin mix. Each bag of Tweed muffin mix can make either 12 large muffins or 36 mini-muffins, depending on your preference. We’ve made the preparation as simple for you as possible. All you need to do is empty the mix into a medium bowl, add your oil, eggs and milk, stir it up and bake until golden brown and delicious.

To sweeten the deal, try adding some of your favourite fruits or sweets to the mix. One cup of fresh blueberries or chocolate chips is sure to do the trick, but feel free to get creative. After all, you’ll be the one eating the muffins – fix them to fit your pallet!

Always remember, dose low and go slow. Cannabis edibles can take one to two or more hours to kick-in and last upwards of six to 10, or even longer. We ask that you start with as low as 1ml of Tweed oil and increase only incrementally until you achieve the desired result.

Here’s to Future Growth!

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