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Fund Aims To Further Cannabis Education

Pertinent issues hang over the legalization conversation like cartoon question marks. As we inch closer to the day Canadians can recreationally engage with cannabis, there are opportunities present to fill the knowledge gap in the industry by answering two important questions that continue to be asked: How do we make sure people stay safe behind the wheel? And what can we do to keep cannabis out of the hands of children and teenagers?

Throughout the history of our young company we’ve actively engaged with others in the cannabis industry, researchers in the scientific community and anyone interested in drawing conclusions to complicated questions. To further cement our commitment to advocating for responsible cannabis policies, we’re introducing a new Education Fund that will donate $50,000 toward partnerships with leading organizations committed to responsible use education.

In addition to the initial $50,000 commitment, both Tweed and our sister company Bedrocan Canada will contribute $1 from the sale of every bottle of 10:1 cannabis oil to the Education Fund. That means that for every bottle of oil you buy from the Tweed Shop, $1 will go toward furthering cannabis education in the community.

"Along with the launch of oils, we know that customers, healthcare practitioners, and education partners have a lot of questions, and we need to start building the resources to answer those questions," says Tweed CEO Bruce Linton. "As we move towards a non-medical consumer market, education on responsible use of cannabis will become all the more important, and as responsible companies we need to get out ahead of that curve."

That corporate responsibility – to our customers, the cannabis industry and the Canadian communities in which we operate – is tantamount to growing and creating great products. We’re interested as much in being a part of this exciting new industry as we are in seeing that it gets built properly. As important questions continue to come up, we’ll be here to help answer as many of them as we possibly can.

Here’s to Future Growth!

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