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Simple Dosing And Great Results With Our 10:1 Oils

We are pleased to say that we have received licensing approval to start selling cannabis extracts! Our first line of products combine purified extracts balanced with sunflower oils, producing a versatile product you can consume as it comes in the bottle, or bake into your favourite dish.

Three strain specific oils are available now in the Tweed Shop. We’ve started with two high THC products – Princeton and Birds Eye – and a third CBD-rich variety, Argyle, all using the same simple 10:1 equivalency system. In the weeks to come we will be adding more selections to the shop, assuring customers the same selection in our oils as our bud.

What is 10:1?

Life is complicated enough – you shouldn’t need a calculator to sort out your dosing. With the 10:1 system, we’ve stripped down the equivalency factor and designed a failsafe line of products with a simple oil to bud ratio. In short, for all Tweed products, 10ml of oil is equivalent to 1g of dried bud. Ingesting cannabis will be new to many people and the effects are different, coming on much slower and lasting longer than inhaled cannabis. A simple and consistent bud-to-oil ration makes it easier to navigate these new products, ultimately making it simpler for you to determine if oils are right for you.

How do we produce them?

Here’s a run down on the extraction process courtesy of Tom Shipley, our Director of Quality Assurance:

Tweed designed its extraction process using CO2 supercritical extraction, the best way to get a clean end product free of additives and free of the solvents that are typically used to produce extracts on the black market. Supercritical Extraction actually uses CO2 as a “dissolving solvent mimic” to achieve the same result without the risks of putting impurities like residual butane in your body.

“We wanted to avoid having impurities in the end product. We don't want to be solving one problem and having another arise,” he says. “Basically, we wanted to produce a product that is safe and pure and, of course, of high quality.”

Once extracted, Tweed mixes the cannabinoids with non-genetically modified organic sunflower oil. In addition, our 10:1 oils are also comprised of the unique terpene profile of each strain. Using a sophisticated decarboxylation and winterization process, our products retain their unique terpene profiles when processed from flower to oil.

Last, and most important, we want to leave you with some safety info. Though tasty when baked into your favourite recipe, we encourage our clients to use our 10:1 cannabis oils in moderation. Oil differs from dried cannabis in that the onset of effects can take one to two hours or more, and the results can last upwards of six to 10 hours. We ask that anyone new to this ingestion method start with as low as 1ml of the lowest THC oil and go slow, increasing dosage only incrementally until the appropriate result is achieved.

Looking for recipes? Check out the Tweed Pantry.

Here's to future growth!

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