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Join us for a Better topicals workshop

It seems lately like the world of cannabis is expanding almost daily to include new products for people looking to incorporate medical marijuana solutions into their healthy lifestyles. We want to make it easy to weed out the whacky wild west of ideas and find cannabis solutions that will work well for you.

ALL WORKSHOPS ARE NOW SOLD OUT.  Please check back soon as we plan more great events. 

The Cannabis Topical Lotions event will provide people an introduction to the benefits of Tweed’s cannabis-infused oils and host a hands-on educational workshop that will walk participants through the fascinating process of transforming medical marijuana from a dried herb to a topical medicine.

Hosted by certified natural health professional Charlene Freedom, the workshop will provide a unique opportunity to explore the traditional and contemporary uses of cannabis extracts from a seasoned expert in infusions, including creams, tinctures and teas.

Freedom, who was struck by a car in 2012, says that as a new medical marijuana user she found it difficult to find information on how best to treat her injuries and what products to use. To bridge that gap, she took the tools she learned making natural health products while studying aroma therapy and applied them to cannabis.

“I started going on the internet and coming across a lot of bad information when it came to making natural healthcare products for people,” she says. “I was new to the cannabis community and there were things that I wanted to know, and I couldn’t get anyone to give me a straight answer.”

After the Supreme Court ruling last summer allowed medical patients in Canada to start consuming cannabis in any form, Freedom began infusing topical creams with cannabis to great results. Since, she’s been refining that process, adding new products to her ever-evolving roster of alternative remedies and lending her knowledge to new cannabis users.

“I’ve been slowly putting myself out there, letting people know that I am a teacher and I can teach people how to do it,” she says. “I’m not necessarily teaching the science of it, I’m teaching people the practical end of it, [explaining] why it can be effective… and the different recipes you can use and ways you can use cannabis to treat your symptoms.”

All participants will take away a cooking mix, base topical lotion and cannabis infusion recipes. Seating will be limited at the event, so please RSVP if you wish to attend!

Here’s to Future Growth!

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