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Strain of the Month-Penelope (CBD Skunk Haze)

If balance was the defining characteristic of the perfect medical marijuana strain, Penelope would take the crown every year. A unique 1:1 hybrid that fuses CBD and THC together harmoniously at 50/50, the strain has one foot rooted in cannabis history, and one planted in its future.

Yielding tall plants with large, airy flowers and a light trichome covering, Penelope is a cross between a CBD-rich variety and two culturally significant strains, Skunk and Haze. Penelope’s terpene profile includes high pinene and myrcene counts that result in the scent of spicy cedar that run alongside hints of mint and pine.

Penelope was conceived of an earnest collaboration between Amsterdam-based Dutch Passion seeds and the CBD Crew. In 2012, the two worked together to produce a range of feminized seeds for phenotypes rich in cannabidiol that would achieve the desired 1:1 ratio. CBD Skunk Haze was one of the varieties developed of that partnership, which aspired to create strains for people who don’t respond well to prescription pills.

Traditionally, the CBD content of the average cannabis flower ranges from a meager 0.1% to a modest 0.3%. CBD Skunk Haze, on the other hand, can test at anywhere from 6-11% CBD with a nearly identical THC content, which is a welcome rarity to the medical marijuana market.

“It’s a variety particularly popular with medical growers, but we are seeing more and more people reporting how much they prefer the milder psychoactive aspects of the CBD Skunk Haze,” says Tony of Dutch Passion. “Not everyone seems to value the CBD-rich varieties, but those that do would never swap them for anything else.”

Reported to be a great variety for daytime use, Penelope is said to possess anti-psychotic and anti-inflammatory qualities. Patients say the strain is perfect for anyone looking for help with nausea, anxiety and general relaxation, while hoping to avoid the head high that can be associated with the increased THC content of other varieties.

Here's to future growth!

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