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Better Gear For The New Year

The spirit of giving has an ephemeral quality that can fade like the last patch of green grass in December when the holidays pass. Virtuous themes of joy, peace and community can easily be lost to the season as light finally breaks through the revelry of the year’s last night. Too often, after the sun rises on that morning, the words of U2 echo an ecclesiastical truth in the ear of our collective consciousness: “nothing changes on New Year’s day.”

Homelessness is an issue that doesn’t take holidays. The sun sets quick and sometimes doesn’t rise at all in winter. In Toronto in January the sun is out an average of less than three hours a day. Canada is the second coldest country in the world, with an average nighttime low of -26.7C in winter over the past 30 years. According to Environment Canada, more Canadians die from exposure to winter cold in an average year than from lightning, wind storms and tornadoes combined.

From January 2nd until the 28th, Better by Tweed is inviting you to stop into any of our three locations in Hamilton, Guelph and Etobicoke to make a donation and help some of Toronto’s 5,000 homeless keep warm this winter. In particular, we’re asking for contributions of warm clothing (mitts, gloves, scarves and socks), personal care items (tooth paste and brushes and lip balm) and/or meal replacements (protein bars or drinks). Cash donations will go in full toward buying additional items.

Better Gear For The New Year is a unique opportunity to be rewarded for doing the right thing. Every clothing donation we receive will be matched with a free Tweed t-shirt. Yes, you heard that right – we will give you Tweed swag for a donation to this important cause!

As a means of providing winter necessities to people living in precarious circumstances, the warming kits will be handed out in Toronto on January 29. The team of Better employees taking to the streets will be headed by Megan Payne, who has been doing outreach work in the GTA since her studies in the community work program at George Brown College.

Since graduation, Megan has been going it solo, handing out warming kits alongside her beloved dog. She’s thankful to have a whole team on her side this year and believes it’s important we as a community showcase our social conscience throughout the year. That the team at Tweed is willing to not only participate but initiate this type of endeavour in the cold of winter, she says, demonstrates the positive social impact we can have.

“We are here to help people access their medicine but also to provide extra supports for those who need it,” she says. “I think breaking that barrier is important for Tweed because being at the community setting is really important.”

Our Better Gear For The New Year event is part of a public focus we as a company have developed over the last two years by raising money for The Canadian AIDS Society and the Smiths Falls Community Food Bank. With this event, we’re hoping to pick up in 2016 where we left off at the holidays – on the front lines of the communities in which we operate.

Here’s to future growth!

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