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Pastry Overlord Dishes A Tasty Cannabutter Recipe

Michael Holland is no ordinary pastry chef. The bespectacled owner of Holland's Cake And Shake doesn't like chocolate or candy, bakes with malt liquor and draws inspiration from gangster rap to concoct creations with gory themes. He wears a full-sleeve tattoo and on his knuckles the words OVER and LORD are permanently printed. Holland was once known as the 'Overlord of Eternal Darkness' as lead man for a black metal band called Coalition Against Shane. Now, he's the self-proclaimed 'Overlord of Pastry.'

When we decided to find a recipe for cannabis-infused butter, we punched in the keywords “overlord” and “pastry” and, sure enough, Michael's name popped up. We called him over lunch at the Cake And Shake – where customers enjoy custom soft serve, sandwiches, mini-cakes and shakes – and he was happy to help. Rather than simply provide us with a standard cannabutter recipe, Michael delved deep into his bag of pastry tricks, where other standouts like cherry Kool-Aid cake can be found.

Instead of the standard stove top or crock pot methods, which Michael says are fallible because they use direct heat that can brown milk solids, his process involves the sous vide cooking style. Sous vide is often used in gourmet restaurants as a method of cooking that entails sealing food in a plastic bag and placing it in a water bath. Using this method, the THC extraction and infusion are more effective because of the vacuum seal. No water is lost and the result is a butter that hasn't been denatured in any way. We've outlined the ten simple steps below so you can try Michael's recipe at home. Enjoy!

-Coffee grinder or bud buster
-Whisk or stirring spoon
-Food Saver or Ziploc bag
-Circulator or thermometer

-15 grams of your favourite Tweed cannabis
-1 pound of butter (salted or unsalted)

1) Place your Tweed cannabis in a bud buster or coffee grinder. Grind until cannabis is fine.
2) Take butter and ground cannabis, place in a Food Saver or Ziploc bag and securely seal it.
3) Fill the circulator with water and set to 85℃ or heat a pot of water to 85℃ and maintain temperature, checking with a thermometer every 15 minutes.
4) Put the vacuum sealed bag in the water and leave it for six to eight hours.
5) Once cooking is complete, remove the bag from the water, leave mix it in the bag and let it cool.
6) Refrigerate overnight.
7) Melt the butter by putting the bag in a bowl of hot water.
8) Once melted, cut bag open, squeeze out all the butter and plant matter into a strainer, catching the butter in a pot below.
9) Use the butter as you would in any recipe.
10) Always remember – dose low and go slow!

Here's to future growth.

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