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Better Living

Better Living with Donnalyn Murphy

Meet Donnalyn. Twenty-six years ago, newly married and working as a kindergarten teacher, she was involved in a car accident on her way to work. While her car was easy to repair, unfortunately the physical damage to Donnalyn’s body was a more difficult fix.

For years she tried every form of medicine her doctors prescribed, desperate for a cure to her pain. From oral pain medication to injections in her back twice a week, Donnalyn tried it all. Her tipping point came when her doctor finally told her the only long-term solution was a 24/7 morphine patch – administered in increasing dosages – for the rest of her life.

Donnalyn left his office, no prescription in hand, and was more determined than ever to find a natural way to help her pain. She took to the internet and learned about the potential health benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet and decided – why not? She gave it a shot and has never looked back.

Having experienced the benefits of proper nutrition and tailoring a diet for your body, Donnalyn went back to school to get her credentials, graduating from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York as a Board Certified Health Coach in 2011. Through this work she is able to share everything she's learned with others in similar situations so that they, too, can live a healthier life with less pain.

Click this link for Donnalyn’s Top Three Nutrition Tips. 

Read Donnalyn’s story and ready to try it for yourself? Here are three recipes she recommends for getting started on a plant-based diet, which is great for reducing inflammation in your body. 

Green Smoothie
Energy Bites

You can also download her free app, Baby Steps to a Healthier You, through her website for 30 days of tips designed to move you closer to your healthier, happier life.

Better Living starts here.

*This post represents the authors' own views and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your doctor when making decisions about your healthcare regime.

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