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Tweed's New Certified Partner Program

At Tweed, we’re focused on helping our customers find the information and support they need to access marijuana for medical purposes.  From our Customer Care team (voted #1 in the 2015 Canadian Cannabis Awards!) to our Better centres, we’ve put a priority on helping patients and doctors understand whether cannabis may be an appropriate treatment, and making the registration process to access cannabis as simple and quick as possible.

We see ourselves as an extension of your healthcare team and work with partners who take marijuana as seriously as we do. That’s why we developed our Certified Partner program to identify organizations that can help you learn more and get access to our products and services where it makes sense.  A Tweed Certified Partner has been trained on our registration process, product line and full range of services. They can be trusted to help you register with Tweed, give you accurate strain guidance, or help you or your healthcare practitioner obtain medical support from physicians who focus on cannabinoids.

We’re constantly working to improve our customers’ access to their medicine and Tweed Certified Partners are just one more way we can help!

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