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A Better Medical Cannabis Industry Starts Here

It hasn’t taken long for the partnership between Tweed and Bedrocan to bring forward an initiative that will change the lives of Canadians and the medical cannabis industry as a whole in Canada.

Together we launched a three-year clinical research initiative – named the EQUAL (Evaluation QUAlity of Life) study - to evaluate the quality of life of patients medicating with marijuana. The study, which will enroll up to 6,000 patients, is accessible through designated clinical intake sites to registered Tweed or Bedrocan patients. It is on a voluntary basis, and patients will be compensated for their participation by way of discounted cost of product during the study period.

EQUAL will be launching with an initial three sites in Ontario and British Columbia: Wellmedica in Woodbridge, Ontario, Greendot Medical Clinic in Brantford, Ontario, and Greenleaf Medical Clinic in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

"Tens of thousands of Canadian patients are currently using cannabis to manage symptoms,” said Marc Wayne, President of Bedrocan Canada. “We are launching this study to advance the science associated with medical cannabis, to provide the medical community with useful insights into its effect on quality of life, and to gather data specific to the effects of Bedrocan and Tweed strains in patients who use our products."

This isn’t the first research initiative between Tweed and Bedrocan – in May we teamed up with another licensed producer to contribute start-up funding for the creation of  the Quebec Cannabis Registry for medical cannabis patients in the Province of Quebec (read more here). We are proud to provide support to projects like these, because it will gather valuable data regarding safety and potential efficacy, enhancing the level of confidence healthcare practitioners need to recommend this treatment option to appropriate patients.

To learn more, you can read the full news release on the Bedrocan website. If you are a Tweed or Bedrocan customer who is interested in find out more information about how to participate in this study you can opt-in on our website.

 -Your friends at Tweed and Bedrocan

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