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Two Licensed Producers Are Better Than One

We are thrilled to officially welcome the Bedrocan Canada team to the Tweed family, and we think you should be too – but we’re sure you’ve got questions about what this means to you, our customers.

One of the biggest advantages is that starting tomorrow we will carry two of their best-selling strains in our shop – Bedrolite and Bediol – which you can purchase as a registered customer of Tweed. Both CBD-rich strains, these are a great new addition to our Tweed line of products. Bedrolite is a low THC (<1%) strain with 9% CBD, Bediol has 6.5% THC and 8% CBD, and you can shop for both of these strains the same way you always have.

The partnership between Tweed and Bedrocan also brings other great benefits, such as additional production capacity across three facilities, and Bedrocan’s research and clinical strengths specifically in relation to strain genetics and stability.

"Tweed and Bedrocan Canada have each helped set the industry standards for professionalism, product quality, dependable supply and exceptional customer care,” said Marc Wayne, President and CEO of Bedrocan Canada. “Together, we will have the largest production and sales capacity in the industry, as well as a broad and complementary product line, and will be capable of allocating additional resources to product research and innovation, as well as to continuous improvement of the customer care experience."

As you know, we take great pride in the level of care we provide to our customers, and the addition of Bedrocan’s team will only enhance this experience. Our teams have been busy not only training, but improving on current practices to ensure our procedures are best in class.

We look forward to introducing you to an even better Tweed.

Here’s to Future Growth.

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