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Curated Collections Coming To the Shop

Last month, we introduced the first in our Collections series – the THC Favourites collection that showcases our finest THC strains (Princeton, Weaver, Yorkshire, Herringbone, and High Lands) – and it’s been a huge hit with our customers. Today we are launching two more Collections, ‘Terpography Comparatives’ and ‘Morning, Noon, and Night’ and we expect these to be just as popular.

Our Terpography Collection is part of the Comparative series and features Bogart (OG Kush), Balmoral (UK Cheese), and High Lands (East Coast Sour Diesel) because of their specific terpene profiles. Bogart has a high concentration of Myrcene, which is found in hops, bay leaves, and lemongrass and emits an herbal, rooty, and spicy scent. Balmoral, on the other hand, is dominant in Caryophyllene, which is found in a variety of herbs and spices, hence the spicy flavour, and although the scent is minor it is described ­particularly as black pepper. High Lands was chosen because of its high concentration of Limonene. Similar to the scent you experience when you peel an orange, the existence of Limonene terpenes produces a strong citrus scent and flavour.

The Morning, Noon and Night Collection, not surprisingly, was selected to offer a variety of strains that will help throughout the day and will ensure you are awake, productive, and ready for bed all at the appropriate times. This series includes Herringbone (AK-47), Cheviot (Black Widow), and Weaver (Kosher Kush).

Both of these Collections include 5 grams of each strain, and are $135 – a 10% savings over our regular pricing.

You can now find these in the Tweed Shop. Full strain details will also be available in the Yield Guide on your dashboard.

Use them in good health.

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