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The Reviews Are In On Our Proprietary Strains

The ability to offer our customers strains that are exclusive to Tweed is just one of the many things that sets us apart as a licensed producer, which is why we were so excited to introduce our proprietary Lot Series in June.

We introduced TWD Lot 1, a mid-CBD strain, and TWD Lot 2, a high-THC strain, both of which aren’t just new to Tweed but also aren’t offered anywhere else in the world. This harvest was grown on a medium-scale exclusively for Tweed customers. We sought small-scale producers who wanted to share their genetics with the cannabis community but couldn’t do so without our support.

As part of our mandate to consistently strive for excellence in everything we do, we reached out to our customers to hear what they had to say about these strains. This first-hand feedback is incredibly valuable to us, as it helps us improve and tailor our offerings to our customers’ specific needs.

While both strains proved to be effective, TWD Lot 2 reviews were fantastic. Most customers who purchased this strain did so to treat stress, insomnia, and anxiety and 82% of survey respondents found it to be helpful to treat their medical condition. The most recurring complaint reported? That we sold out and they couldn’t purchase more! We assure you that more is growing, on a larger scale, and should be available in the coming months.


Lot 1 was purchased by customers to provide relief from anxiety and pain, and while it was not as effective as Lot 2 as a standalone treatment our customers reported finding it very helpful when used in combination with another THC strain because of it’s CBD content. We are presently growing out other proprietary CBD strains, which may have a higher CBD profile and ultimately replace TWD Lot 1. We’ll keep you posted!

Collecting this data is priceless, both for Tweed and our customers, as it will be the basis for production plans going forward. We will continue to conduct similar research as we grow and introduce more strains, and hope our customers are open to working together to continue to improve the medical marijuana industry and the experience of present and future members of the Tweed family.

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