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Building the Cannabis Community

The medical marijuana industry has had an incredibly busy year. There are over a dozen licensed producers in Canada and a number of clinics and referral organizations all helping Canadians gain access to quality cannabis.

In a fast-moving industry, you make connections all across the country with different groups hoping to achieve different things. One of the organizations that’s caught our eye is Lift. Their mission is to become the marketplace for medical marijuana. If you haven’t done so already, check them out. They have comprehensive product reviews, community blog posts, doctor referrals… the list goes on.

Tweed and Lift share many of the same values. We are both invested in educating patients and want to ensure that people are able to find the strains that are right for them. With that shared goal in mind, we’re excited to offer a new reward system with Lift.

Starting today Lift will offer points to Tweed customers who write comprehensive reviews. You can review our products on your customer dashboard and it will automatically embed on Lift, or you can use their site to write your reviews. Either way, if you take the time to help out the medical cannabis community, you’ll get discounts on Tweed products!

In addition to the new reward points, we’re also teaming up with Lift to support a new campaign they’ve launched. If you follow Lift on twitter or instagram, you may have already seen the “420 for Change” campaign. It’s aimed at helping families whose children use cannabis to treat a variety of health complications. You can donate directly to the campaign here, or you can contribute by buying a limited edition #420forChange t-shirt. All profits from t-shirt sales between today and the end of April will go to this important cause.

The 4:20 movement has always been about challenging the status quo. While there are a number of rallying cries around this year’s events, one that shouldn’t be lost is that Canadians are paying out of pocket to effectively medicate with cannabis.

The Tweed team is happy to contribute to this effort and congratulate Lift for their leadership. We encourage you to do what you can.

With strong allies like LIFT, Here’s to Future Growth.

Jordan S.
Communications Manager.

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