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Starting the Dialogue - Medicating at Work

There is no question that the landscape surrounding medical cannabis is changing; with more patients considering and receiving this medicine as a treatment option employers have to consider the implications of someone using marijuana for medical purposes at the workplace. Tweed welcomes the opportunity to assist other employers design appropriate HR guidelines — we’ve even taken the show on the road.

Amanda Daley, the Director of Medical Education and I presented to the Human Resources Professional Association of Ottawa on Medical Marijuana in the Workplace. The interest level in this topic was overwhelming – with an at-capacity group of about 50 HR professionals filling the Chandelier ballroom at Sala San Marco. The goal of the presentation was to open up a dialogue about the changing landscape and how companies can adopt their own workplace policies.

We presented for 30 minutes, leaving the last 30 minutes of the one-hour session for Q&A. There was such rich discussion and many questions from the attendees who represented a wide variety of companies and organizations. Among the audience were HR professionals from law firms, large retail chains, healthcare organizations, government departments and even registered charities. One thing in common was a high level of engagement and the desire to open the door to discussing this important topic.

To illustrate the importance of having a policy in place, one Tweed employee shared:

"If I wasn’t able to use medical marijuana to control my symptoms, I would be forced to use up to eight different medications on a daily basis. The ability to medicate at work allows me the opportunity to manage these symptoms so I can focus on my day to day responsibilities."

This may be a common sentiment amongst employees in other organizations and a leading driver for us to provide insight and understanding of this medical treatment option.

At Tweed, we strive to lead by example with everything we do, which is why we’ve created a Medical Marijuana Usage Policy which we are happy to share with you.

Janet Clarke
HR Consultant

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