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No Advertising? No Problem

In November, Health Canada issued compliance letters to all but two licensed producers in regards to restrictions on advertising. This was a positive step, welcomed by Tweed, as it ensures a level playing field amongst all producers as we seek to get our message out to interested patients.

With this in mind, we got to work redesigning our brand new website, which is fully compliant with these restrictions, but still has all the information you have come to expect from Tweed. Sure, it means shorter product descriptions and less photos, but we are proud to have the best Care Team out there – bar none. They are always at the ready to provide product information and to help you with any questions you might have, whether by phone, email or chat. We will soon be introducing the Tweed Yield Guide – a comprehensive guide of our available strains to help you select the medicine that is right for you. This guide will be available to registered customers on their dashboard or by request.

In addition to these great benefits to our customers, we have launched the revamped Tweed Vault. We will focus on highlighting the exciting projects we are working on, introduce you to our talented team, and share industry news and fun facts. It also boasts our “What’s Growing On” section, updated weekly to show you what stage of growing your favourite strain is at.

We have always focused not just on growing marijuana, but on building a company filled with thought leaders, creative spirits, and exceptional growers. It is this diversity and culture of excellence that is, and will continue to be, our greatest offering to customers and our most important point of differentiation within the industry.

Here’s to future growth.

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