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An Introduction - meet our growing team

Back in January our Master Grower, Ryan Douglas, helped kick off our blog when he discussed the key criteria he was looking for when hiring for a marijuana cultivation team.

Almost a year later, our team has expanded from just a handful of people to 22. With nine flowering rooms now in production and three more right around the corner, we are staffed with Section Growers and Production Assistants in every room, all of whom bring with them a wealth of industry experience. It is this experience that sets a Licensed Producer apart from the pack, and directly impacts the quality of our product that goes out to our customers.

Our production team spans in age over 35 years, and include those who have greenhouse cultivation experience, academics with fancy degrees, master gardeners, horticulturalists, foresters, and many who have grown previously under the MMAR. This vast range of experience enables Tweed to create new and exciting growing methods to give our crops the best environment, nutrients, and care required to produce the highest quality of medicine possible. Growing on the scale we have here is virtually unprecedented, so bringing all that knowledge together to continually improve is key to our success as growers.

The diverse strains we offer are no mistake, and the same can be said for the diversity seen in our production team. Over the next month, we will be introducing you to our grow team, because we feel it is important for you to know and trust the experience and passion behind your medicine. First up, you’ll meet one of our Production Assistants, Ryan, who just harvested his first crop and as you will learn, it is one of our best to date.

Adam Morris
Product Liaison.

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