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Investing in Medical Education

Over the last year at Tweed, we have assembled a medical education and outreach team to work with the medical community, helping them access the information they need to assess medical marijuana as a therapy. One of the ways we do this is by organizing and sponsoring continuing medical education (CME). Many doctors are looking for opportunities to connect with their peers, other physicians who can teach the science and evidence behind medical marijuana, and importantly, share their clinical experience in their own practices to help determine which patients may be suited to cannabis therapy.

In October and November, Tweed was proud to sponsor a session on medical marijuana at the Primary Care Update series, which was held in five cities across Canada. This conference series is the single largest in the country – attended by more family physicians than any other. Tweed sponsored the session titled “Marijuana for Medical Purposes: The Essentials for Effective Practice” which reached more than 1000 doctors in total. At each of the five sites, a different physician, including some from Tweed’s medical advisory board, led a one-hour session on the topic.

Having spent 15 years in the pharmaceutical industry and organized countless conferences, I was blown away at the response from this series. I have never seen so many doctors come to the company booth to speak with us to learn more following an education session. We had multiple doctors staying to speak with Tweed representatives even after the networking breaks ended, each wanting their questions answered. This just never happens!

Those that visited the booth wanted more information about Tweed, about medical marijuana and how to prescribe/authorize it. Others were interested in learning more about the studies that have been published to date. The concept of vaporizing is new to many of them, so they were excited to have a demo of the Volcano vaporizer we always bring to the booth.

No other licensed producer was part of this conference series, and Tweed stood out as a leader in the industry for making this kind of investment in medical education for Canadian physicians.  We look forward to expanding our team and participating in conferences similar to this one in order to continue breaking down the barriers and creating more dialogue in the medical community about this important topic.

I will keep you updated here on the next set of education events Tweed is sponsoring, as work is already underway!

*Above: Holly Hubert, Medical Outreach representative, at the Primary Care Update in Ottawa November 21st.

Amanda Daley
Director of Medical Education

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