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The Importance of Hiring Local

It wasn’t all that many months ago that the number of Tweed employees could be counted on two hands, and now here we are just over a year into business and we have a staff of almost one hundred.

From the very onset, our goal has been to hire as many employees from Smiths Falls and the surrounding communities as possible. This was an important corporate initiative for us, knowing how hard hit the town had been in recent years and wanting to invest back into the community. We are fortunate to have been welcomed into this community, and want to give back as much as we can. Through a partnership with Ontrac, we are proud to have almost half our current workforce from the Smiths Falls area, and look forward to welcoming more to our growing team over the coming months.

Having a partner like Ontrac is a huge asset to us because they are integrated in the community and have a large network of candidates with a variety of skills and backgrounds that can benefit a fast growing company like ours. Tobin Bridson, Job Developer at Ontrac, gave us the scoop on what it means to a town like Smiths Falls and its residents to have a large employer back in the community.

What is Ontrac?

We are a one-stop single point of access, providing Smiths Falls candidates the employment assistance they need to obtain the knowledge, skills and experience to prepare for and achieve success in today’s and future labour markets.

How long have you been working with tweed?

We have been working with Tweed throughout the past year, and have assisted them in hiring a number of our clients through advertisements on our job board and website, and most recently through a job fair that saw over 150 attendees.

What has been your experience thus far working with tweed?

Tweed has been able to provide many long-term employment opportunities to people from our community, and a great chance to grow with Tweed from the ground up. Employment is the most rewarding when it is in your hometown, stable, and long-term. Ontrac has had nothing but positive experiences with Tweed, and look forward to assisting them with any future hiring needs.

What has been the impact on the community as a whole?

The people of Smiths Falls appreciate that Tweed has made an honest effort to hire locally, and are excited about future hiring as Tweed continues to grow. Hiring local employees has benefited the individuals who are now part of the Tweed team, but also the other local businesses that rely on an employed population to thrive.

Have you seen an impact on the overall outlook for Smiths Falls in the past year?

As Tweed has grown, so has the positive outlook in Smiths Falls. Tweed has been able to boost morale and provide hope that Smiths Falls can return to the days when manufacturing helped this town flourish.  

It is wonderful to see the pride that enters our building on a daily basis, and we know this is reflected in the service and quality of product that our customers receive.

Becky Mallett
Human Resources

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