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Aeroponics - strong roots for the future

Remaining current and leveraging leading-edge technologies is essential for the survival of any business, and the marijuana industry is no different. Over the course of the past year, Tweed has invested significant resources into adopting the best growing practices to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality product on the market. Our Research and Development team has been hard at work on a number of different projects, and we are pleased to share with you our newest partnership and research initiative.

In early 2015 we will be dedicating space at our Smiths Falls facility to an aeroponics pilot project, through a partnership with US-based Indoor Harvest. The space provided by Tweed will be outfitted with a fully customized aeroponics system, using their state of the art, patent-pending technology.

"We are extremely excited to be working with one of the largest medical cannabis producers in Canada,” Chad Sykes, CEO and founder of Indoor Harvest stated. I feel Tweed has created a recognizable brand and we hope to establish a successful long-term partnership. With its stable regulatory regime, conducting development in Canada makes the most sense and we are looking forward to designing a platform that will increase yields and lower the cost of production for Tweed."

The pilot will see two varieties of plants grown using Indoor Harvest’s proprietary technology. In contrast to our current growing methods, the plants will be suspended in the air, without a growing medium like soil, with the roots contained in a closed compartment and sprayed with a nutrient rich water solution. This system will be completely automated, supplying the roots with the nutrients they require, only when they need it.

In our next piece, we will take a look at how aeroponic systems are being used around the world and how Tweed and Indoor Harvest plan to learn from this pilot project and advance cannabis growing technology.

Katya Boudko
Head of Research & Development

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