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An Open Letter to Our Patients

On May 28th, I had the opportunity to speak at the Lift Cannabis Expo in Toronto. On the heels of a citywide crackdown on dispensaries, there was significant and emotional discussion about the future of cannabis regulation, and I was pleased to be a part of that conversation.

This week’s activities also caused me to reflect on the positive things we have done at Tweed over the past three years, and I wanted to take a brief, and admittedly self-promotional moment, to share these with you. We are, after all, proud of what we do here at Tweed.

Well over ten thousand of you have chosen and trusted Tweed for your cannabis. Our medical outreach team has had over thirteen thousand doctor visits, we’ve funded patient education programs, developed accredited physician education courses, funded a provincial cannabis registry to encourage doctor participation, and even helped pay for a compassion club’s legal fees to challenge the HST on medical cannabis.

We are working with MADD Canada and the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition on responsible use campaigns, Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marijuana to improve medical access and insurance coverage, and Members of Parliament to have tax removed from medical cannabis. Our sister company, Bedrocan, is running the EQUAL Study, one of the largest clinical cannabis trials in the world. We have also won awards in 2015 for our Customer Care and our Compassionate Pricing Program, both of which we take great pride in receiving. These things, along with affordable prices and a wide variety of quality medication, are the reasons people choose us.

Early activists paved the way for legal access to medical cannabis and now that it’s here, we’re working with many of them to improve the legal system. We are also moving the debate and dialogue forward on our own. The Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations may not be perfect but within that framework progress has come quickly because we can commit the resources for innovation, education and research that individual patients could never be expected to invest.

As we move forward to service a medical and non-medical market, we’ve actively engaged with many levels of government to express the importance of a strong and distinct medical system that recognizes the unique needs of medical cannabis users. At Tweed, we are proud of what our team has to offer to non-medical customers in the future, but I want to be clear that we will continue to place our focus, energy and commitment on our medical patients.

I am continually optimistic about the future of cannabis in Canada and beyond, and I am excited and hopeful that Tweed will continue to be at the forefront of the product development, education and research that will drive it forward. Our goal is to participate in a productive dialogue as it evolves, and we welcome your input all along the way.

Thank you for continuing to choose and support Tweed.

Here’s to Future Growth.

Mark Zekulin
President, Tweed Inc.

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