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May Strain of the Month - Argyle (Nordle)

When infamous smuggler Howard Marks died last month, the cannabis community lost a pioneer. Marks, who in the 70s ruled with a smile over a large part of the world’s hash and weed trade, was remembered fondly in the weeks following his passing. At Tweed we’re paying homage to Mr. Nice by ensuring his legacy lives on in strain form through our Argyle variety, aka Nordle, which was once Marks’ code name for hashish.

An indica-dominant cross between original Nordle and Cannatonic, Argyle is characterized by a moderate and mirrored THC and CBD content. A popular variety that produces dense and vibrant, Christmas-tree like flowers, the strain smells like fresh cut chives with hints of wild fruit. Its rousing terpene profile can be credited to high levels of myrcene and pinene, and equal parts limonene, terpineol and caryophyllene.

Bred specifically for medical use by the CBD Crew – a unique collaboration between Resin Seeds and Mr Nice Seedbank to develop strains high in cannabidiol – Argyle purposefully delivers a palatable and balanced 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. Similar to the original Nordle, a cross between Skunk 1 and Afghani, Argyle maintains its notoriously resinous South Asian roots.

Scott Blakey of the CBD Crew says Argyle was the only strain that Marks ever named. Because of its full flavour and impressive yield capacity, Blakey notes, Argyle has been recognized globally as a strain that straddles the four main pillars of the cannabis world – Afghan, Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze.

“It is a building block of seed breeding and is a staple like milk and bread in the dried flower industry,” Blakey says. “People have been using Nordle as powerful medicament since before the medical marijuana movement came into being. Its pedigree is like a prized racing horse."

Since Tweed first opened its doors, Argyle has been one of our most sought after strains. Not only does it seem to be celebrated by medical patients, it is also a very respected plant with our production team. Tweed’s Master Grower Tony Lacombe believes the admiration of Argyle is due to its balanced cannabinoid content and ability to adapt to various grow environments.

“It’s balanced, not only in its THC and CBD profile but in terms of growing patterns, that’s the beauty of this plant,” he says. “It’s a sturdy, adaptable plant that we have never had issues with. You can’t overwater it, there's no susceptibility to nutrient toxicity and it seems to adapt to every environment it’s in.”

Argyle is reported to produce a very mild effect that can be managed at most any time of day, making it an ideal strain for morning, midday or evening. Because of its moderate THC and relatively high CBD content, customers say Argyle is the perfect variety to help treat chronic neuropathic pain.

Here's to Future Growth.

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